Trucks with powerful operation and high safety

On this page, you can find trucks from our own brand, which is Conmas. All models are designed with the highest security standards and usability. At the same time, our trucks are also designed with the highest possible lifting capacity to enable you to carry out heavy tasks without compromising on stability or control.

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A large range of trucks for sale

Increase your efficiency and productivity at your workplace with a truck from our range of forklift trucks. At Conmas, we offer quality forklift trucks to any company, regardless of size and need. Our range of forklift trucks is carefully chosen to ensure that you get the best possible solution – a solution that can solve any issue or task.

At Conmas, you can find a great variety of trucks at competitive prices without compromising on quality. We are aware of the importance of finding the right balance between price and performance. That is why we work hard to ensure you the best value for your money.

Forklift trucks with different engine types

We have a wide range of forklift trucks, among others electric forklift trucks, diesel trucks, gas trucks, and all-terrain trucks. Whether you need a lightweight solution for your warehouse or a robust forklift for outdoor work, we have what you're looking for.

Electric forklifts produce no harmful emissions and have low noise levels, making them ideal for indoor workplaces. Diesel forklifts are powerful and suitable for intensive outdoor work and heavy lifting tasks. Gas forklifts combine the advantages of electric and diesel forklifts and are versatile solutions for both indoor and outdoor workplaces.

All-terrain forklifts are specially designed to handle challenging terrain and working conditions. They are rugged and can handle gravel, dirt, and other uneven surfaces. These all-terrain forklifts have powerful engines and large tires, providing them with exceptional traction and stability in harsh environments.

You can find all types of forklifts at Conmas. Learn more about the benefits of the different types and models here on the website or contact us for more information.

Choose the right forklift truck

Choosing the right forklift truck depends on your specific needs and work environment. If you work indoors and you need a truck with a low noise and emission level, then the electric truck would be suitable. Outdoors work with heavy tasks may require a diesel or all-terrain truck.

Our team of experienced specialists is always ready to advise and assist you in finding the ideal forklift for your specific needs. Contact us at +45 99 235 235.