All-terrain forklifts for challenging work environments

If you work in an environment with uneven or challenging terrain, an all-terrain forklift is the ideal choice. All-terrain trucks are designed to handle demanding working conditions where traditional forklifts fall short.

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Why choose all-terrain forklifts?

A rough terrain forklift is equipped with larger tires and a more powerful engine, making it capable of transporting loads on uneven and challenging surfaces. Additionally, these forklifts often have a higher lifting capacity compared to their traditional counterparts.

If you are unsure which forklift is suitable for your tasks and working conditions, you are always welcome to contact us. We are ready to provide guidance on the right choice at +45 99 235 235.

Safety and comfort above all

If you decide to lease or purchase an all-terrain forklift from us, you can rest assured that you will receive a top-safe and reliable truck. This commitment to safety extends to all our equipment, including glass lifters, lifts, stackers, and pallet trucks. At Conmas, our in-house service technicians perform daily maintenance, repairs, and preparation of all machines to ensure they not only meet but exceed all safety requirements. This guarantees that you receive a forklift that is always in excellent condition.

In addition to safety, we prioritize providing the best possible comfort. We always strive to ensure that our machines are the most comfortable and user-friendly on the market, so your work is consistently easy, enjoyable, and safe.

Forklifts with varying capacities

All-terrain forklifts come in different sizes and with varying lifting capacities. For example, an all-terrain forklift with a capacity of 2.5 tons (or 2500 kg) is ideal for smaller and medium-sized tasks that require both flexibility and strength, while forklifts with a capacity of 5 tons (5000 kg) can handle even heavier tasks.

At Conmas, you can also purchase all-terrain forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 18 tons. Here, you can get a forklift that can handle even the most challenging tasks in difficult terrain.

At Conmas, we also offer electric forklifts, forklifts running on propane, and diesel forklifts.