Powerful diesel forklifts

Our diesel forklifts are available with lifting capacities ranging from 1.5 up to 18 tons, with the lifting height depending on the type of lifting arm. All our diesel forklifts are designed with user-friendliness and reliability in mind, and it is possible to customize each forklift with additional equipment according to your preferences and needs. View the selection of diesel forklifts here.

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Purchase a powerful diesel forklift from Conmas

With a diesel forklift from Conmas, you are ensured a robust quality forklift that efficiently and safely handles daily tasks. The lifting capacity varies from model to model, and our diesel forklifts come in different sizes suitable for various businesses.

In addition to our diesel models, our range covers electric forklifts and propane forklifts. While the engines are different, all Conmas trucks are designed to perform at their best, with lifting heights ranging from 3 to 6 meters depending on the type of lifting arm attached.

Quality is never compromised, and when you buy a diesel forklift or one of the other two engine types, you are guaranteed a durable machine with the necessary flexibility, stability, and safety.

Safety and comfort above all

If you decide to lease or purchase a diesel forklift from us, you can rest assured that you will receive a top-safe and reliable forklift, just as it applies to our glass lifters, lifts, stackers, and pallet lifters. At Conmas, we have our own service technicians who maintain, repair, and prepare all machines every day to ensure they meet all safety requirements and more. This means you get a forklift that is always in top condition.

In addition to safety, you also get the best possible comfort. We always strive to ensure that our machines are the most comfortable and user-friendly on the market so that your work is always easy, comfortable, and safe.

Buy or lease your new diesel truck

With us, you have the option to buy or lease your next diesel forklift. As an individual or a small business, it can be costly to invest in a new diesel forklift if you only need it for a short period.

Therefore, we offer leasing so you only pay for your diesel forklift during the period when you need it. If you are interested in learning more about our leasing offers, contact us today by phone at +45 99 235 235 or here on the website.

Visit our showroom or book a demo

At our location in Hjørring, you will find our 1000 square meter showroom. Here, all our machines and models are available, and you can book a demonstration of the equipment you are interested in at any time.

As something special, you also have the opportunity to get a demo model of one of our diesel forklifts for a trial period. In practice, this means that the desired model is delivered to your address in Denmark free of charge, so you can try out the forklift before deciding on a potential purchase.

This way, you have the opportunity to experience firsthand whether the machine meets the expectations and requirements of your project or work.

If you wish to book a demonstration of one of our diesel forklifts, you can contact us at +45 99 235 235, and we will find the solution that suits you and your needs.