Electric pallet stacker 1600 kg

Electric pallet stacker with a liftingcapacity of 1600 kg. The lifting height is up to 370 cm. 

The pallet stacker is easy to handle and can be used for versatile task because of the pallet stackers compact design which make it suitable for jobs in narrow places.

The build-in charger and battery is well suited for jobs indoor because it does not pollute and harm working people around the pallet stacker. 

The battery engine suite the pallet lifter well for work indoor, because it does not pollute or bother working people close to the pallet lifter.

The pallet stacker is our own brand, Conmas.

We wish to provide our customer with customized solutions, which is why we offer a wide range of additional equipment.

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Height, mast extented: 370 cm
Lifting capacity max.: 1600 kg
Fork lenght
Fork width
Fork thickness
Free lift



Lenght: 213 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height:  190 cm
Weight: 1525 kg



Build-in charger


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