Mantall ALP 20

The ALP series from Mantall is a special functional, and manual operated material lift. The ALP 20 gives the operator a working height of 6,45 m and a lifting capacity of 363 kg.

The compact design, the easy mobility, the light weight of only 203 kg and the easy handling makes this material lift ideel for many types of jobs. The ALP series fits easily through a standard door opening. When the lift is folded it is only 0,79 m wide and 1,98 m tall.

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Working height max.  6,45 m
Working lenght max. 2,2 m
Lifting capacity max. 363 kg



Lenght min.: 0,75 m
Width min.: 0,79 m
Height min.: 1,98 m
Weight: 203 kg



Standard forks
Transport wheels
Wheel with brakes


Additional equipment*

Adjustable forks
Flat forks
Loading platform
Anti-fall function

*Purchasable options


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