Mantall XE100C electric scissor lift

Mantalls XE-series is a flexible, electrical and user friendly scissor lift in high quality.

The XE100C is pollution free like the rest of the XE-series from Mantall, that is why it is ideel to use indoors at a production line and it is equipped with non marking tires so I doesn’t damage any delicate floors. The electric scissor lift can be used both indoor and outside and have a powerful traction so the XE100C climb ramps easily.

Buying the XE100C you are getting the narrowest 10 m scissor lift on the market. Its perfect for small and narrow places and also it fits through most standard doors without any problems.

The XE100C from Mantall kan both be operated from the platform and the ground. It have a working height of 10 m which it can reach in 34 sec. The platform have a maximum capacity of 230 kg and an optional extension.

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Working height max.:  10 m
Platform extension: 1 m
Lifting capacity max.: 230 kg
Platform size: 2,25 m / 0,8 m / 1,1 m
Driving speed max: 3,4 km/h
Approved for 2 persons



Lenght min.: 2,42 m
Width min.: 0,8 m
Height min.: 2,3 m
Weight: 2000 kg



Proportional control
Safetydistance when lowering the platform
Manuel emergency lowering valve
Emergency stop button
Non-marking wheel
230 Vdc outlet in the platform
Tilt-sensor with alarm
Hour counter
Safety bracket
Charging indicator
Platform extension


Additional equipment*

Double flashing lamps
Maintenance free batteries
Work lamp in the platform
Anti-fall system
Preparation for cold climate use

*Purchasable options


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