Mantall XE80CT OR scissor lift on tracks

The XE80CT OR, a scissor lift on tracks equipped  from Mantall is a flexible, electrical and user friendly scissor lift in high quality.

The XE80CT OR from Mantall is a reliable and extremely terrain going scissor lift with a good stability because of its supportlegs.
It can be controlled both from the platform and also from the ground. The full working height of 8 m can be reached in less than 32 seconds.

The platform is approved for 2 persons and a maximum capacity of 230 kg.




Working height max.: 8 m
Lifting capacity max.: 230 kg
Platform size: 1,84 m / 0,9 m / 1,0 m
Driving speed max: 3,8 km/h
Approved for 2 persons  
Platform extension 0,9 m



Lenght min.: 2,26 m
Width min.: 1,12 m
Height min.: 1,85 m




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