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Phone: +45 99 235 235

Frederikshavnsvej 295
9800 Hjørring, Denmark

CVR: 33863748


At Conmas we meet the customer at eye level. We put a great deal into creating a bond of trust with the customer, because our goal isn’t just to increase sales, but to provide an extraordinary service. In this way ensure happy and satisfied customers, that chooses Conmas as their preferred dealer when buying equipment.
At Conmas you are absolutely ensured experiencing a service which can’t be compared to any other dealer on the market. Our knowhow about this business ensure you that we are always up to date when it comes to new technology about machines. For this reason Conmas is standing by as your counselor when you invest in new equipment.
Remember, that a call to us is never binding, but we are always ready with a good solution to fit your needs.
We are located in Hjoerring, Denmark, but only one call or email away, so feel free to contact us.
Erik Nicolaisen

Erik Nicolaisen

Key account manager, Scandinavia

Christian Nielsen

Christian Nielsen

Quality manager