Electric forklift trucks with a high lifting capacity

All our electric forklift trucks are all designed with reliability and lifting capacity in mind. Performance varies from model to model, but whether you need to deal with heavy goods or simply need a small electric forklift truck for smaller tasks, you can always rest assured that stability, reliability and efficiency is at the absolute top.

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Electric forklift trucks from Conmas with powerful performance

In our range of electric trucks, you can find various trucks with lifting capacities from 600 kg to 16,000 kg. The models differ in size and power, but always remember that the size and needs of your project or daily tasks must be decisive in your choice of truck.

Electric trucks are most suitable for indoor work since they do not emit harmful gasses that can make employees uncomfortable or harm the environment. Meanwhile, our electric trucks are equipped with non-marking tires, which minimize damage to the floor and minimize noise.

Just like the lifting capacity varies from model to model, our trucks’ lifting heights also vary from model to model. Nevertheless, you should never doubt the fact that even our smallest trucks can carry out the most demanding tasks.

You can buy or lease our electric forklift trucks

 Electric forklift trucks can be a great investment, especially if you run a smaller business that only requires a truck for a short period of time. We, of course, respect it if that is the case for you and will seek to meet your demands in the best possible way. That is why we offer you the opportunity to either lease or buy our trucks or any other product.

The advantage of leasing an electric forklift is that you only pay for the period you use the forklift. In other words, you can save money, and when you contact us, we are always ready to put together the leasing agreement that best suits your needs.

Forklift with other engine types

In our product range, not only do you find electric forklifts, but you also find forklifts that are powered by diesel or propane. They are also powerful, have a great lifting height, flexibility, like the electrical ones.

If you are unsure about what type of engine your forklift should have, you can learn more about the advantages and differences by contacting our expert team.