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Personal data policy

At Conmas, we take the protection of your privacy and your personal data seriously. Therefore, it is important to us that you understand how we collect and process your personal data.

In our personal data policy, you can read how we collect and process your personal data, as well as what your rights are.

The personal data policy explains what personal data we collect about you, why it is collected, how it is collected and how it is processed. The personal data policy also explains your rights and how you can exercise your rights. The personal data policy must be read in conjunction with the company’s other terms for the service you use, as there may be additional specific terms.

Data controller

The data controller for the collection and processing of your personal data is Conmas. Our contact details are:

Conmas ApS
CVR: 33863748

Frederikshavnsvej 295
9800 Hjoerring


Collection and processing of personal data

The collection and processing of personal data is always carried out in accordance with the personal data legislation, and is done only for legitimate purposes, and only to the extent and for the period of time necessary to achieve these purposes, or as long as otherwise required by applicable legislation .

When you shop with us

When you shop with us, we collect customer data consisting of of your contact information such as your email address or telephone number, credit or debit card information, bank account number, registration number or other bank or payment information, as well as your or your company’s name. We do this in order to be able to contact you and handle your orders so that we can deliver our services. We also collect information about contractual conditions, such as delivery address, billing address, contact form and contact persons, if necessary.

If you are a business operator, we typically register a contact person in our system.

When you visit our website

When you visit our website, we process the personal data that appears from your inquiry in the contact form. We also use cookies on our website. You can read about this in our cookie policy.

When you make an inquiry

We also collect the personal data that appears in your inquiry when you contact our customer service. We do this in order to give you the best possible help when you contact us.

If you contact us via the Facebook page, we will receive the information about you that appears in your message. In addition to the information you give us yourself, this is also your name.

When you contact us by telephone, we note your name and the purpose of the inquiry, if relevant. We do this with the aim of having the opportunity to follow up on your inquiry, e.g. so that we can record your order. Information regarding the inquiry is only stored until it has been processed. If the inquiry results in a customer relationship, you will then be considered a customer, and the further processing and deletion of your personal data will follow our usual procedure for processing.

We only use your personal data for marketing if you have given your consent.

In addition, we store your personal data in order to be able to comply with various applicable legal requirements, such as the rules in the Accounting Act and the Limitation Act.


To protect your personal data, we have a number of organizational and technical security measures, such as internal policies, procedures and security systems to ensure that we follow the security standards in the field and thereby protect your personal data from unauthorized access as best as possible.

Conmas’ processing of your personal data always takes place in accordance with the applicable legal requirements, including the security requirements that follow from applicable personal data legislation. We regularly review the collected personal data and delete the information that is no longer relevant to process.

We only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose or purposes for which it was collected, unless we are legally obliged to keep the information longer than that. When this is no longer necessary, we delete your personal data.

The legal basis for processing your personal data

Processing based on fulfillment of the contract with you

The majority of the personal data that we collect and process about you is processed for the purpose of providing the requested services to you, so that we can fulfill our contract with you. The collection thus takes place on the basis of Article 6, subsection 1, letter b of the Data Protection Regulation.

It follows from this article that the collection and processing of personal data is permitted when it is necessary to be able to fulfill a contract to which the data subject is a party.

Processing based on consent – and your right to withdraw your consent

Some forms of processing can only take place if you have previously given us your consent. E.g. processing of your CPR number for credit assessment can only take place on the basis of your consent. Therefore, we do not collect your CPR number if you have not provided voluntary consent to do so.

You can withdraw your consent at any time, but this may have consequences in terms of your ability to shop with us. If you withdraw your consent, it takes effect from the notified time, and thus does not affect the legality of our previous processing of your personal data up to the time of withdrawal.

Processing based on legitimate interest

In general, processing of your personal data will take place on the basis of a contractual relationship or your given consent, but certain types of processing may take place on the basis of legitimate interests, such as the initiation of a compensation case if you cause damage to our equipment. This follows from Article 6, subsection 1, letter f of the Data Protection Regulation.

However, this must be done on the basis of a balance between our legitimate interest and your fundamental rights and freedoms.

Your rights

When we collect and process your personal data, you have different rights in relation to the personal data we have about you. If you would like to make use of one or more of these rights, you are welcome to contact us.

Right to access

You have the right to gain insight into the information we have registered about you. If you wish to gain insight, a copy of your personal data will be sent to you, and you will also be informed about the purposes of the processing, the recipients or categories of recipients, how long we store your information, etc.

Right to be forgotten

You have the right to request us to delete the information we have registered about you. However, we cannot guarantee that we can delete all the registered information, as we may be legally obliged to store certain information.

Right to rectification

You have the right to notify us if you believe that the information we have registered about you is not correct or complete.

Right to object

You have the right to object if you do not want your personal data to be processed for special purposes, such as direct marketing purposes.

Right to data portability

You have the right to request that we hand over the personal data that you have given us to either yourself or another specific recipient.

Right to limitation

Instead of e.g. deletion, you also have the right to request us to restrict the use of your personal data.

Contact us

If you want to know more about our personal data policy, or want to send an inquiry regarding your rights, you can contact us at

Contact information

Frederikshavnsvej 295
9800 Hjoerring, Denmark

Tel: +45 99 235 235

CVR: 33863748

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