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At Conmas, we have an extensive range of lifts. Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient solutions that meet your needs in both the industrial and construction sectors. We offer a wide selection of lifts, including everything from boom lifts and scissor lifts to vertical lifts, crawler scissor lifts, from the pioneering brand, LGMG.

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Which lift should I choose?

Boom lifts

Boom lifts are essential when you need to work at heights with heavy materials. At Conmas, we offer boom lifts that impress with their extraordinary reach and load capacity. Our range, including LGMG boom lifts, allows you to access even the most challenging spots and perform tasks with the precision required for efficiency and safety.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are an ideal solution when you need to work at height on a stable and secure platform. At Conmas, we offer scissor lifts that combine reliability and precision. Our range, including LGMG scissor lifts, is designed to lift you safely and steadily, making them ideal for tasks that require precision work, such as maintenance and construction. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Vertical lifts

Vertical lifts are a versatile solution ideal for tasks that require transporting materials and people up and down in vertical positions. At Conmas, we have a range, including reliable LGMG vertical lifts, that provide efficient vertical transport. These lifts are designed to meet a wide range of industrial and construction needs. They are compact and can maneuver in narrow spaces. They have a smaller platform than scissor and boom lifts.

Crawler scissor lifts

Crawler scissor lifts are known for their performance and mobility on uneven terrain. At Conmas, we offer LGMG crawler scissor lifts that are built to handle challenging work environments. These lifts allow you to work efficiently in places where traditional wheel-based lifts may not reach. They are ideal for outdoor tasks and construction projects where mobility is crucial.

Denmark's only LGMG lift distributor

We are proud of our partnership with LGMG, a pioneering lift manufacturer. LGMG lifts are known for their innovative technology and reliability. These lifts are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and safety. With LGMG lifts, you can expect access to high-tech features and reliable operation that makes your workday more efficient and hassle-free.

Regardless of the type of lift you need, Conmas has the right solution. Our wide range of boom lifts, scissor lifts, column lifts, and track-mounted lifts from LGMG are designed to handle a wide range of tasks in both the industrial and construction sectors.

Environmentally friendly lifts

Most of our lifts are electrically powered, which means they are environmentally friendly and gentle on both your workplace and our planet. The majority of our lift range is battery-powered, resulting in extremely low emission levels. This is something that helps Conmas in the journey towards sustainability. We are always dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient lifting equipment solutions that make your projects more productive and safer. At the same time, it is important that we can assist you, and that you can complete your projects with a clear conscience.