Reach trucks - a unique solution at Conmas

Reach trucks represent an indispensable category of material handling equipment tailored to tackle the complex challenges that arise in modern warehouse environments. These custom-built vehicles are designed to optimize both vertical and horizontal storage space in efficient and structured warehouse management.

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Purchase powerful and flexible reach trucks at Conmas

If you are looking for a durable, efficient, and powerful solution for your warehouse, investing in a reach truck is a wise choice. Here, you can learn more about reach trucks.

High reach

Reach trucks are constructed with an exceptional focus on vertical reach, allowing access to and handling of pallets stored at significant heights. This is achieved through excellent lifting height and mast tilting functionality. Therefore, a reach truck is advantageous for warehouses, storehouses, and distribution centers where storage racks extend to heights exceeding 6 meters.

Precision and maneuverability

With their compact design and outstanding maneuverability, reach trucks can operate in narrow areas and tight aisles. This ensures efficient storage and retrieval processes, even in constrained environments. Thanks to the design and control panel of a reach truck, you are guaranteed a high level of precision and maneuverability, which can be crucial. The flexibility and precision of a reach truck are often essential for warehouse handling and pallet stacking.

Emission-free operation

Many reach trucks are battery-powered, providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. The reach trucks you can buy and rent from Conmas are electric. This means that when you use a reach truck from us, its operation does not emit any harmful gases that affect the environment and people. Therefore, a reach truck is an excellent solution, especially for indoor use.

Safety and comfort above all

If you decide to lease or purchase a reach truck from us, you can rest assured that you will receive a top-safe and reliable truck. This commitment to safety extends to all our equipment, including forklifts, glass robots, lifts, stackers, and pallet trucks. At Conmas, we have our own service technicians who maintain, repair, and prepare all machines daily to ensure they meet all safety requirements and more. This guarantees that you receive a truck that is always in excellent condition.

In addition to safety, we prioritize providing the best possible comfort. We always strive to ensure that our machines are the most comfortable and user-friendly on the market, so your work is consistently easy, enjoyable, and safe.