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Here, you can explore our range of glass robots from SmartGroup. With a glass robot, the installation of heavy windows becomes easy and straightforward. What's more, with SmartGroup's innovative models, you can even reach up to the first floor from the ground! Explore our selection of glass robots and discover the benefits of investing in quality equipment.

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Reliable and efficient glass robots for sale

A glass robot is a special type of vacuum suction cup designed to make it easier to handle and install large glass panels such as windows, doors, or façade glass.

Using a manual glass suction cup to install glass panels can be both cumbersome and risky. Therefore, investing in a glass robot, designed to handle the heavy and fragile material while ensuring precise and stable positioning during installation, can be advantageous.

By using a glass robot, you can minimize the risk of damage to the glass surface, prevent accidents, and enhance workplace safety. Glass robots can also save time and labor by enabling faster and more accurate installation of glass panels.

Window lifters, smartlifts, or glass robots?

A glass robot can also be referred to as a window lifter, glass lifting trolley, or window trolley. However, this type of glass vacuum suction cup is often called a smartlift because SmartLift is one of the most well-known brands.

The inventor of SmartLift is also behind the glass robots from SmartGroup, which you can purchase here at Conmas. With solid experience and expertise in the industry, SmartGroup has managed to create groundbreaking solutions that revolutionize the way glass panels are handled and installed.

With these glass robots, you get a reliable and durable solution created by visionary and experienced experts who are constantly working to develop and improve the technology.

Innovative glass robot with suction cups

One of the unique qualities of SmartGroup's glass robots is their extraordinary reach, which allows for the installation of windows at a first-floor height with great ease.

Even when obstacles are in the way, such as building components or other structures, the glass robot can easily navigate and place the glass panels precisely where they need to be.

When you purchase a glass robot from Conmas, you receive a reliable and durable tool that makes handling and installing glass panels easy. With SmartGroup's innovative technology, you can lift and transport glass panels with ease and precision.

Window lifters at a great price

With a glass robot from SmartGroup, you can increase your productivity and efficiency. You'll experience a faster and safer installation process, saving time and money. Glass robots are also easy to operate, reducing the risk of injuries and mistakes during work.

We offer various models of glass robots from SmartGroup to accommodate different needs and requirements. Whether you're working on a large construction project or a smaller renovation, we have the right glass robot for you. Our experienced team is always ready to guide you and find the best solution for your needs.

At Conmas, we offer you a range of efficient and reliable glass robots from SmartGroup. Find the model that suits your needs on this page or contact us for more information.

Our team of experienced specialists is always ready to advise you and help you find the ideal glass robot for your specific requirements. Contact us at +45 99 235 235.