Electric pallet trucks at Conmas

Electric pallet trucks from Conmas represent the perfect category of material handling equipment, offering versatile and powerful solutions for a wide range of work environments. These electrically powered pallet trucks are available both with and without a platform, delivering a variety of advantages that make them indispensable in many contexts.

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Buy your next electric pallet truck at Conmas

If you are looking for a solution that offers raw power, flexibility, and emission-free operation, then an electric pallet truck is the obvious choice for you. Below, you can learn why this is the case.

Efficiency and productivity

Electric pallet trucks are popular for their lifting capacity and versatility. They enable fast and efficient handling of pallets and heavy loads, ultimately boosting productivity in the workplace. Our electric pallet trucks have lifting capacities ranging from 1500 to 3000 kg. Their design and compact sizes make them highly flexible, allowing you to use an electric pallet truck in even the tightest spaces, unlike larger forklifts.

Emission-free operation

Conmas' electric pallet trucks operate without emissions, as they do not release harmful gases that affect both the environment and individuals. This makes them suitable for use in indoor environments and areas where air quality is crucial. With a Conmas electric pallet truck, you can buy and use it with a clear conscience.

Suitable work environments

  • Warehouses and logistics centers: Electric pallet trucks are essential in warehouse and logistics environments where the handling of pallets and goods is a daily task. Their efficient lifting capacity and precision ensure smooth operations.
  • Retail: In the retail sector, electric pallet trucks are employed for handling goods and restocking shelves with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Industrial facilities: Electric pallet trucks provide a reliable solution in industrial plants where materials and components need to be transported between locations.
  • Manufacturing: In manufacturing environments, electric pallet trucks enable the rapid and precise handling of raw materials and finished products, increasing production capacity.

Safety and comfort above all

Whether you decide to lease or purchase an electric pallet truck from us, you can rest assured that you are acquiring a top-rated, reliable piece of equipment. This commitment to safety extends to our other offerings, including forklifts, glass robots, lifts, stackers, and pallet trucks. At Conmas, our dedicated service technicians maintain, repair, and prepare all machinery daily, ensuring that they comply with all safety requirements and more. Therefore, you can be confident that the equipment is always in optimal condition.

Furthermore, we prioritize comfort to make your work as easy, comfortable, and secure as possible. We consistently strive to ensure that our machines are the most comfortable and user-friendly options on the market.

Book a trial period

If you have any doubts about which pallet truck you need or if you even need one, you can always book a free trial period. Here, you can experience the advantages of a pallet truck for yourself, entirely free of charge. All you need to do is call us on 99 235 235, and we'll arrange an obligation-free trial together.