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Conmas expands its fleet with 27 new machines

At Conmas, we always strive to improve our service and efficiency, and we are excited to share the latest development with our customers and partners. Our machine fleet has recently been reinforced and expanded with a delivery of a total of 27 new machines.
Let’s delve into the exciting additions, which include:

• 6 x Electric stackers: Flexible handling of goods weighing between 1200 and 1600 kg.

• 10 x Electric pallet trucks: Easy and secure pallet handling.

• 11 x Electric trucks: From versatile 1.3-ton to robust 5-ton models – powerful material handling.

Electric stackers: Flexibility for handling goods of all sizes
We now have six new electric stackers designed to provide flexible handling of goods and materials weighing between 1200 and 1600 kg. These machines allow for quick and secure lifting and transporting of heavy goods, with high safety standards. These electric stackers enhance our ability to meet various needs, ensuring that our customers can rely on reliable and efficient service at all times.

Electric pallet trucks: Easy and secure pallet handling
Ten new electric pallet trucks are now part of our fleet, designed to make pallet handling easier and better than ever before. These electric pallet trucks are not only easy to operate but they also enhance safety during pallet handling. With this enhancement to our range, we can continue to supply our partners with equipment that constantly helps them optimize their work processes. Our electric pallet trucks ensure efficiency and raw power.

Electric trucks: Versatility and powerful material handling
The largest addition to our fleet is eleven new electric trucks, ranging from versatile 1.3-ton models to robust 5-ton models. These powerful machines can effectively handle a wide range of tasks, from light lifts to heavy material handling tasks that require raw power and stability. The broad distribution of models and features allows us to assist a broader spectrum of customers.
Our electric trucks are suitable for everything from small warehouses and distribution centers to large storage yards, workshops, and warehouses.

What does this mean?

The latest delivery of 27 new machines is a significant step for Conmas in our efforts to deliver the best service and quality products to our customers. These machines not only represent the latest in material handling technology but also strengthen our commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. With the implementation of these machines into our already extensive range, we can continue to create value for our customers through efficient and reliable service.

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