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We are pleased to announce that Conmas is an authorized distributor of LGMG in Denmark. Therefore, you can now find quality lifts from LGMG in our extensive range.

Like Conmas, LGMG has extensive experience in lifts, and the lift manufacturer is known for their innovative technology and reliable products, including a large range of electric lifts. Thus, the collaboration with LGMG enables us to continue supplying our customers with the best equipment on the market.

LGMG supplies high-quality lifts to various industries all over the world, and as the only authorized distributor of LGMG lifts in Denmark, Conmas can now offer an even greater selection of lifts tailored to different needs and budgets.

With the lifts from LGMG, our range is expanded to include scissor lifts, mast lifts and boom lifts in various sizes, which can be used for all kinds of tasks. Whether it’s for the building and construction sector, maintenance work or something else entirely, we can supply reliable LGMG lifts. Among other things, you can now find electric lifts with working heights from 6 meters and up to 30 meters in our product range.

LGMG is well ahead in the development of lifts based on electricity and lithium technology. Focusing on environmentally friendly solutions, LGMG has developed lifts that run on electricity, and these lifts not only offer improved energy efficiency, but also reduce emissions and noise levels compared to fuel-powered lifts.

As always, Conmas can provide the necessary expertise and advice when you are choosing LGMG lifts for your specific needs. Our experienced team will happily guide you to the best solution and ensure that you get the most out of your investment in lifts.

Contact us today to order or hear more about the innovative lifts from LGMG. We are happy to help you find the right solution for you.

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