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Welcome to the new Conmas website

We are pleased to welcome you to our brand new and improved website! We have worked hard to improve the user experience and make it easier for you as a customer to find the products and information you are looking for.

The new website has a clean and modern look, and we have made it easier to navigate around the site. We have updated both descriptions and images throughout the site to make it easier for you to find information about the products and services we offer.

One of the biggest improvements is our webshop, where you can order a selection of our products online. You can now add a pallet jack or pallet stacker to your cart and have it delivered directly to your address after a few days – quickly and easily.

Of course, you can still buy trucks and lifts that are specially adapted to your needs, just as we continue to offer service and repair of machines and equipment from all brands. Explore our selection of products and services on this page, or contact us to hear more about what we can offer.

We hope that the new website will make it easier for you as a customer to learn more about our company and find the products and services you need. We will continue to work on improving and updating the website so that it remains relevant and useful.

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